Airplac foam board: The perfect partner in creativity

In the world of arts, crafts and presentations, finding the right material to bring your vision to life is essential. Airplac foam board is a versatile and innovative solution that gives artists, designers, architects and hobbyists a more versatile approach to their projects. Whether you’re a professional designer or an avid DIY enthusiast, understanding the unique benefits of Airplac foam board can help take your work to the next level.

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Liquitex Basics Fluid: the acrylic paint that gets ideas flowing

The art world offers us endless opportunities for self-expression and creative exploration. One of the most versatile and easiest-to-use mediums available to beginners and experienced artists alike, acrylic paints are the perfect medium to explore the world of art and creativity. One of the undisputed leaders in the world of acrylic paints, however, has come up with something new – an everyday acrylic colour with a fluid, flowing consistency, Liquitex Basics Fluid!

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Art and eco-friendliness: Liquitex recycled canvas on frame

Art has always been a way of expressing oneself and sharing one’s world with others. In recent decades, there has also been a growing focus on the imprint we leave on the world through our creations. Environmental awareness and sustainability have become major themes in the art world, and artists are constantly looking for ways to express their creativity while adhering to responsible practices.

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Myboshi: The most colourful range in the craft world

The yarn brand Myboshi has established a place in the hearts of craft lovers by offering a diverse range of quality yarns. The German-based brand is not only known for the excellent quality of its yarns but also for its vibrant and captivating colour palette. Myboshi yarns are inspired by the Japanese art of knitting and crocheting, bringing a modern approach to traditional craftsmanship.

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Watercolor vs gouache: Comparing water-based painting mediums

The art world is full of diversity in terms of different painting techniques and mediums. Two such popular water-based painting mediums are watercolors and gouache paints. Both of these paints allow artists to create stunning works of art, but which one best suits your creative vision? In this post, we take a closer look at watercolors and gouache paints and the differences between them.

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