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Masking tape mt Maruichikyu

mt masking tape mt x artist series

Japanese masking tape made of Japanese Washi paper which you can use for decorating whatever you like from boxes to cards, dishes to furniture. Can be used in different surfaces such as paper, wood, metal, porcelain, glass etc. Thanks to the history of making industrial masking tapes, mt masking tape is high quality – strong while extremely thin. Excellent adhesiveness makes the tape stick, at the same time it can be removed easily without leaving any trace.

Maruichikyu, a graduate of the Department of Spatial Design at Kyoto University of the Arts, has been creating eraser stamps and drawing pictures since her elementary school days. Since the end of 2020, she has been recognized as one of the “mt new creators”, working on limited edition washi tapes for MT events and workshops. Specializing in multilayered and multicoloured eraser stamp designs, Maruichikyu creates her art by printing several carved eraser stamps on top of each other to achieve colorful and intricate patterns. These MT washi tapes, with their beautiful shades and hues, reflect the retro and warm motifs characteristic of her detailed handiwork.

New 02MTMAR1EZ00 4971910336069 Masking tape mt Maruichikyu 15mmx7m layered cake Masking tape mt Maruichikyu 15mmx7m layered cake
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